PreserveTech™ Raised Toilet Seat with Bidet


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Both Models

Control panel activates and adjusts water pressure and cleansing modes
Bidet provides front or female and back cleansing depending on needs
Retractable bidet nozzle and guard for a more sanitary experience
Nozzle cleaning mode on the control panel
Connects to the water supply – no electrical connection or batteries needed
Adds 4” of height to toilet for safer sitting and standing Includes lid for better hygiene and aesthetic
Contoured for safe and comfortable elevation
Made from lightweight and durable HDPE to support up to 400 lb.
Fits most standard and elongated toilets
Antimicrobial* treated raised toilet seat helps minimize the growth of bacterial odors, mold, and fungi on treated surfaces. *Antimicrobial properties are built-in to protect the products. These products do not protect users or others against bacteria, viruses, germs, or other disease organisms.


Ambient water temperature only
Easily connects to the water source behind the toilet


Choose between warm and ambient water temperatures
Easily connects to the water source behind the toilet and under the sink
Comes with an inlet cap to plug warm water connection for ambient water use only to accommodate bathroom layouts

Weight Capacity: 400 Lbs Color: White HCPCS:  E0244 Material: HDPE Warranty:  One Year Limited
Water Temp

Ambient, Warm & Ambient


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