TENS 7000 Digital TENS Machine with Accessories


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Are aches and pain holding you back? Conquer them with the number one OTC TENS unit with over two million sold worldwide. Since 2008, chiropractors, physical therapists, and personal TENS unit users have trusted the TENS 7000 unit to block pain, aid in recovery, and minimize drug dependency. Our device is the best medical grade TENS unit, delivering up to 100mA intensity, whereas most devices only go up to 80mA. It has all the features needed in a home TENS unit, including an easy user interface, eight intensity levels, dual channels, a belt clip, and fully customizable settings. Get the clinical-grade pain relief you need from our affordable over-the-counter TENS unit.


  • The most powerful TENS machine available. If anything, the TENS 7000 digital TENS unit is known for being a strong TENS unit. Our device has eight settings and can deliver up to 100mA intensity (the standard is 80mA). It’s rated as the best prescription-strength TENS therapy device by many, including Techno Buffalo. “The relief is so effective, users compare it to using prescription-strength pain relievers.”
  • Customize your treatment to meet your needs. No pain is the same, and we know that. The TENS 7000 machine features fully customizable settings, giving you the power to target and block your pain type. Choose from a plethora of settings, including pulse amplitude, intensity level, timing, and more.
  • Five built-in modes for quick set-up. If you don’t know where to start, no problem! The TENS unit 7000 has five built-in modes for a fast and convenient set-up. Choose from normal, burst, modulation, strength duration 1, or strength duration 2. Each mode changes settings to accommodate different types of pain, such as acute and chronic.
  • Use up to four pads at once to target pain. Our digital TENS device features two channels to simultaneously apply up to four pads. Each channel’s intensity is separately controlled via the two knobs, giving you the option to target two pain types at once.
  • It comes in a complete kit to get started. The TENS machine 7000 includes everything needed to get started, including the device, two lead wires, a four-pack of reusable premium electrodes, one 9V battery, a user manual, and a hard carrying case. And, if you have any questions about using it, our support team is just one call or email away to assist!
  • System includes: TENS 7000TM device, One (1) pair of lead wires, four self-adhesive reusable electrodes, 9V battery, hard plastic carrying case, quick start guide and instruction manual
  • Compliance Meter: stores 60 records up to 999 hours
  • Power Source: 9-volt battery
  • Modes: Burst, Modulation, Constant, MRW, SD1 and SD2
  • Channels: Dual channel for use with two or four electrodes
  • Timer: Variable 5 - 60 minutes or continuous.
  • Auto shutoff
  • 100 mA output
  • Pulse Rate: 2 - 150 Hz, adjustable
  • One year warranty


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