TENA Protective Incontinence Underwear, Plus Absorbency


The TENA Protective Incontinence Underwear with Plus Absorbency are designed to look and feel similar to standard underwear while providing protection against leakage. Made from a soft, cloth-like material and featuring TENA’s Body-Close Fit technology, these incontinence briefs are designed for discretion.

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TENA’s Protective Incontinence Underwear with Plus Absorbency is designed to provide leakage protection while looking and feeling similar to traditional underwear. These incontinence briefs can be pulled on and off like regular underwear and feature TENA’s Body-Close Fit technology; soft, cloth-like material; comfortable leg cuffs; and an elastic waist. The standing leg gather is designed to protect against leakage, and the tearaway sides help make the incontinence underwear easy to remove.


  • Designed to look and feel like regular underwear
  • Body-Close Fit technology
  • Elastic waist
  • Made from soft, cloth-like material
  • Standing leg gather
  • Tear away sides


  • Can be pulled on and off
  • Protects against leakage
  • Comfortable and discrete
  • Easy and convenient to remove

Small, Medium, Large, XLarge


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